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Beach Vacations

Everyone loves beach vacations, it doesn’t seem to matter what time of year it is! The best part of it all is you can do a lot more at the beach than just get wet!!

Free Shipping - ViX SwimwearPlanning beach vacations or beach day trips can be pretty easy. Get your sunscreen, beach towel and surfboard or body-board and let’s go! But what if you want to do more?

Have you found yourself wanting to know a little bit more about the beach you go to and what it has to offer? Did you see a FREE parking sign when you drove home and wished you would have known there was free parking before you paid? Did someone tell you about a FREE aquarium or a FREE activity and you wanted to make sure you knew where it was?

Get ready to find out some TIPS, SECRETS, and NOT WELL KNOWN facts about local beaches. You might know about one or two of them, but you won't know them all!

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Beach View

The Southern California coast line includes many miles of the best beach getaways. The trick is figuring out which beach to go to first! How can you pick only one? When you find out what each has to offer, you will want to stay for a few days or at least come back!

Are you looking for beach activities like kayaking and jet skis? Do you want sunshine and sandy beaches with crashing waves? Or are you looking for a family beach vacation and kid friendly beaches? The list is long when you add local attractions like museums, festivals, and marine preserves.

What about a cheap beach vacation??? Look no further, you will find travel tips and local information so YOU can enjoy your cheap California beach getaway!!

Click on a beach to find out more!


  • Family friendly campgrounds, beaches and parks
  • Harbor adventure activities
  • Restaurants and shopping in Mariners Village and Dana Wharf
  • Seasonal attractions and local events
  • Ocean Institute and tidepools
  • Travel to Catalina available

Dana Point Harbor Map


  • Sunny beaches near shops and food
  • Pageant of the Masters
  • Festival of Arts, Sawdust Festival, and Art-a-Fair
  • Restaurants and clubs
  • Shopping district with local galleries and boutiques

Laguna Beach Map

Remember to look at the TIPS section for each beach location! You will save tons of time when you’re planning your next family day trip to the coast or weekend beach getaway.

Here you can find exactly what you want for your Southern California beach getaway!

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